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We specialise in is finding driving test cancellations and car hire for Learners' that do not have the time to sit there all day infront of their computer to find driving test cancellation dates and car hire.

We do it all for you. We ask you to fill in a simple form with your details and wait for us to contact you by text within 1 - 3 days with earlier driving test cancellations. Some test centres may take us up to 7 days to find cancellation dates depending how much demand certain busy test centres have. You pay us £35 to find and book a driving test cancellation date that you are happy with, and if we can provide you with car hire for the test you pay the instructor directly for that.

If you already have your own instructor you can request us to call your driving instructor first before booking, this is added in our service free of charge. What we have found with our experience is that driving instructors can not answer their phones during driving lessons to let you know if they can make a date. So we suggest that you should let us book it first then you have plenty of time to check with your driving instructor. If your instructor says they can not make it, we will find another cancellation date and then change it again and text you with the new date. This is the ideal way to do it as when we find a driving test cancellation date it can be held for only 15 minuites.

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