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If you need to hire a driving instructor and car for you driving test day, we may be able to help you. We have access to quite a few driving schools in the U.K that may be able to take you on your driving test if you do not have a driving instructor.

You must be ready for your driving test and must be up to a safe standard in order to take the instructors car out on test. Driving instructors are bound by rules set from the DVSA that they must not present learners for test that are not ready for a driving test or may pose a risk to other road users when on driving test.

Any driving instructor we may put in touch with you will require you to take some driving lessons first in order to practice driving procedures for the driving test. Also they can refuse to take you on test should they feel you are unsafe to take their car on test.

Simply call us to find out if we can help you. We will give you the details of driving instructors that may be able to help you. What they charge is between you and the driving instructor and for you to find out from them.

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